General Dentistry

General Dentistry

Scaling and Polishing

Scaling is a procedure of removing tartar(calculus), plaque and stains from the teeth surface that get deposited over a period of time.

Myth and Fact

It is a common myth that scaling removes the layer of the tooth and causes sensitivity, gap etc. Fact is that scaling is a non-invasive procedure which takes about 20-30 minutes and with the help of ultrasonics, removes the plaque on teeth. This makes the teeth stronger and cleaner. Contrary to the belief, scaling is a painless procedure.

Cavity Fillings

The decayed portion of the tooth is removed and is replaced by an appropriate filling material. Keeping in tune with the times, we often recommend Cosmetic (tooth coloured) fillings in comparison with the silver fillings done earlier.

Tooth Extraction

Keeping extraction as a last priority we prefer to treat the teeth conservatively. But sometimes extractions are indicated when a tooth is not in a condition to be saved or in case of a wisdom tooth causing irritability and discomfort.

At Ashtvinayak Orthodontic Dental Implant Clinic extractions are performed in strict sterile conditions to minimise the chances of post surgical infections. Local anesthesia is given to make the procedure painless.

  • Wisdom teeth extraction is recommended in case when there is inappropriate space in the jaw to accommodate a third molar or if it is growing sideways or if it is giving a regular cheek bite etc.
  • Impacted wisdom teeth lead to pain, swelling, inflammation, difficulty in mouth opening etc. It can also sometimes lead to a development of cyst/tumour.
  • At Ashtvinayak Orthodontic Dental Implant Clinic, wisdom tooth extractions are done with our expertise. All instruments are sterilized prior to and after use. Vaccum Autoclave is used for this purpose to ensure a sterile environment.